Scherri-Lee Biggs Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Scherri-Lee Biggs - CelebHealthy_comSouth African Australian beauty pageant titleholder Scherri-Lee Biggs was born on September 1, 1990 in South Africa. Once a student of St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, she is famous for being the crowned Miss Universe Australia 2011. She represented her country during the Miss Universe 2011 and finished the Top 10 place.

When Scherri-Lee was asked about her typical workout, she said Pilates is her favorite. She said in an interview, “I love Pilates! Having had a dance background and having that muscle memory Pilates is my go-to exercise. The slower and more precise, the better. I also love to hit up a bit of boxing. Its great to get out some energy and frustration.”

Now what about her diet? “I don’t believe in strict diets,” she confided. “They never work for me. I’m lucky because my Mum was always a great cook and healthy too. So I’m pretty good at whipping up a tasty healthy meal in the kitchen. I think the best things is to add as much colorful veggies to your plate as you can, eat good fats and steer away from processed carbohydrates. I do believe that moderation is key though. I love some cheeky dark chocolate and a glass of red on the side.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 24)

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