Robert John Downey, Jr. Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Robert Downey, Jr.-CelebHealthy_comHe may have defined himself as a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist in the movie Avengers but truly, American actor Robert John Downey, Jr. has proven and gained a lot of achievements over the years of his acting career. He started acting at the age of 5 by appearing in some of the movies of his father, Robert Downey, Sr. Although he struggled with drug abuse, he was able to turn his life around and this time, he became better than ever. Now, he’s even considered as one of the A-list actors in Hollywood.

For his movie Iron Man, the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist had undergone immense training wherein he begins his routine by doing high volume and intensive workouts for 300 rounds. This type of workout focuses in achieving lean rugged and warrior body type.

He wasn’t really a fan of using cardio machines therefore he prefers the cario exercises his trainer has given to him namely Jacob’s Ladder wherein you can work your core and entire body as well, Pineapple wherein the actor’s core, arms and legs was put into work for different angles and the Robert Downey Jr. workout wherein he had to increase his weight with the help of exotic exercises.

Body Measurement (2014– Age 49):

Height: 174cm | 5 feet, 8½ Inch
Weight: 78 kg | 172 lbs
Chest:  122 cm | 48 in
Bicep: 46 cm| 18 in
Waist: 88.9cm | 35 in