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Lisa Lillien - CelebHealthy_comLisa Lillien is a TV personality who created the Hungry Girl empire, a free daily e-mail subscription service that tackles about healthy eating. It also features cookbooks, low-calorie recipes, healthy products, and TV programs. Hungry Girl was launched in May 2004. It was established right after Lisa realized that she needed to change her dietary lifestyle, which she thought was the reason why she continued to get uncomfortable with her weight. But practicing a strict diet was not really her thing– as well as giving up on junk foods, that’s why she decided to discover some ways on how to cook her favorite foods but turn them into healthier ones. In 2004, she created the website using her $10,000 savings. These days, the said website is one of the leading health-enthusiast websites in the internet.

In one of Lisa’s interviews, she shared her thoughts about how she was able to create the Hungry Girl. “You know, I have always been obsessed with food— and I have a knack for finding products that taste great but are low in calories and fat— and also ways to make food at home that tastes super-fattening but isn’t. And I love to share my findings and ideas with people. One day the idea for Hungry Girl popped into my brain— to create sort of an umbrella diet brand for women that was from a regular person like me as opposed to a doctor or a dietitian,” she explained.

Well, Hungry Girl seems really helpful in helping us find out some healthy food choices. Not to mention that it also offers realistic goals toward maintaining a healthy weight. Kudos, Lisa!

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