Jyothsna Chakravarthy Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Jyothsna Chakravarthy - CelebHealthy_comJyothsna Chakravarthy is an Indian profession model. She is well-recognized for her appearance on the August 2009 issue of Vogue India along with other Indian models. In September 2009, she also appeared on Elle India.

When asked about her fitness regimen, Jyothsna  said, “I don’t work out a lot, but when I do, there’s nothing better than exercising outdoors. I go up to my terrace some mornings to do surya namaskar and enjoy the sun. I also enjoy running in the park while listening to music— right now I’m into indie rock bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Florence + The Machine and Mumford & Sons. My favourite tracks to run to are ‘We Are The People’ by Empire Of The Sun, ‘Best Of You’ by Foo Fighters and ‘Chelsea Dagger’ by The Fratellis.”

For her diet, she said, “I don’t really follow a diet plan but I make sure I have a high-protein breakfast, which usually includes eggs. I’m quite a foodie, and don’t really count calories. South Indian food is delicious—it’s actually quite healthy with all those fresh vegetables— and when travelling I keep an eye out for good Thai food.”

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