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Juan Carlos Santana is a fitness expert. He is known as the founder of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP). A dynamic speaker, he also works as a sought-after consultant and an author. He has been working in the fitness industry for already 30 years and has been regarded as “the country’s leading practitioner of functional fitness”. He personally trained and developed specific programs for all professional sports, youth fitness, fitness for the mature populations, and accelerated rehabilitation.

According to Juan Carlos in one of his interviews, running is one of the effective cardio workouts. He said, “Running is the best cardio training for any activity – Weight training and FT circuits can provide incredible and specific cardiovascular conditioning for activities that involve continuous muscular contraction of various muscle groups.”

In the said interview, he was asked about the best supplements he can recommend for athletes such as MMA fighters and he said, “Most popular Supps in MMA are as follows: Nutrient timing  (whey and some carbs after each training session), Fish oils, Multi-vit/min, Beta –Alanine.” Wow, we’ve learned something new today!

Body Measurement (2014 – Age not known)

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