Jessica Scorpio Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Jessica Scorpio - celebhealthy_comJessica Scorpio is a founder and Director of Marketing at Getaround, a peer-to-peer carsharing company. She was born in the year 1987 in St. Catharines, Canada. A product of Carleton University and Singularity University, she previously founded a not-for-profit network for entrepreneurs and young leaders called IDEAL. When she was in college, she earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations and a Minor in Business.

Now how does Jessica stay in a healthy shape despite her busy days? Here’s what she said in an interview: “Even though my work life is very intense, I make a conscious effort to be healthy. I try to get seven hours of sleep every night, I always walk or bike to work, I make a point to eat well and take my vitamins, I drink tons of water, and I always spend a portion of my day at a standing desk. Most of the Getaround team goes to Yoga together once a week, and I’ve gotten into a good groove with a regular class on Sunday nights.”

She added that walking is also one of her exercise routines. “My other main source of exercise is walking my two puppies,” she shared. “Even if it’s just a quick trip around the neighborhood, it forces me to get outside and clear my head… Exercise plays a huge role in keeping me sane, and that’s my primary motivation to ‘find time’. My best tip: Create re-occurring calendar events for your exercise times. When a conflict arises, it forces you to consciously choose work over exercise, and often you’ll find you have time for both.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 28)

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