Jessica Marais Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Jessica Marais - CelebHealthy_comJessica Dominique Marais is a South African actress. She was born on January 29, 1985 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her family is known to have emigrated to Perth, Western Australia when she was nine years old. Throughout her career she is known for her iconic roles such as Rachel Rafter on the television series Packed to the Rafters and Lily Diamond on the television series Magic City.

Jessica thinks highly of exercises. According to her in one of her interviews, “I think exercise is really important and I wish I was more disciplined. When you are filming from 5am, it’s sometimes hard to force yourself to get up that extra hour earlier or after work.”

In particular, she said she’s a fan of Yoga. “I really enjoy Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga, because they lengthen and give you a good inner-core workout,” she explained. “I can’t stand treadmills– that’s my idea of torture. I like exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. I grew up dancing, surfing and surf lifesaving in Perth. Western Australia is very much a beach culture so I was constantly involved in outdoor physical activity.”

For her diet, she said, “I’ve learnt moderation, but I’m slack with my diet as well. Luckily I have an appreciation for healthy fats: I love avocado, fish and Japanese food. I’ve learnt that snacking, rather than waiting until you’re starving, is also the way to be. So I always have a little bag of nuts or seeds to munch on. I love porridge in winter and French toast with maple syrup on weekends. I’m also a chocoholic – I need to eat it at least once a day.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 30)

Height: 171 cm | 5 feet, 7.5 Inches
Weight: (not known)
Bra/Bust Size: (not known)
Waist Size: (not known)
Hip Size: (not known)