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Holly Perkins is a fitness expert and enthusiast. A product of Penn State University, she earned a B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. She was already seen as someone with a great amount of passion for fitness. She started her career as a fitness trainer in New York. Several years later, she was seen helping everyone to come up with a great physique and a healthy body.

Holly is known for her 30-day challenge workout. What is it all about? Here’s what Holly explained in one of her interviews: “The 30-day challenge workout is effective because it targets the most common trouble areas for people and schedules the workouts in optimum order to facilitate the stress-and-recovery cycle. In order for the body to change and become more fit, it is essential to place stress on the body in the form of challenging exercise. Then, the real magic happens when you allow the body to recover, rest, and rebuild. People often think that they are getting fit during each workout. But the truth is that you get fit during recovery; the goal of each workout is to stress the body enough that it needs recovery. It’s a pretty cool cycle once you learn about it.”

Now what’s her favorite exercise? Every day I can be overheard saying,”This is my favorite exercise!” while training clients. And every day one of my clients can be overheard responding, “You said the last exercise was your favorite!” I have about 15 favorite exercises. Some I love because they are effective (walking lunges), they feel good (wide-grip lateral pull-downs), or they promote better biomechanics and prevent injury (single-leg dead lift).

Body Measurement (2014 – Age not known)

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