Giuliana Rancic Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

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Known as one of the most famous fashion icons, beauty experts, entertainment journalists and television personalities, the beautiful and stunning Giuliana Rancic was born in Naples, Italy on  August 17, 1974. At such young age, Giuliana had found her passion of becoming a TV journalist. Since her parents didn’t have the luxury to hire a private tutor for her, she learned English on her own. That is through simply watching newscasters on TV.

With stunning sense of fashion and expertise in beauty, Giuliana is being watched by millions of people as she hosts the show E! News. In 2011, Giuliana successfully lauched FabFitFun which is a daily newsletter focusing on health, wellness and beauty.

Although the famous TV personality was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011, this didn’t stop her from living a healthy lifestyle in her own way. According to one of her interviews on Huffpost Live, Giuliana shares: “Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in the gym every day and not to be counting your calories.”

What’s amazing is that Giuliana admits that instead of hitting the gym, she hits books about wellness. “I love books on diet and fitness. I go through all of the magazines and I rip stuff out all of the time. I keep everything. I have binders.” She shares.

Body Measurement (2014- Age 40) 

Height: 177 cm | 5 feet, 8 Inches
Weight: 59 kg | 130 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 12 C | 34 C
Waist Size: 66.04 cm | 26 in
Hip Size: 81.28 cm | 32 in