Feroze Gujral Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Feroze Gujral - CelebHealthy_comFeroze Gujral is an Indian philanthropist, art aficionado, columnist, media personality, and entrepreneur. She became widely recognized in India for being voted as one of the most beautiful women in the country. She first started to work as a fashion model. Eventually, she became a style icon and even earned beauty awards.

Presently, she runs two organizations namely the Gujral Foundation and Outset India. The Gujral foundation was founded in the year 2008. She worked together with her husband Mohit Gujral with the said foundation. Presently, she also writes for various magazines such as Conde Nast Traveller, Marie Claire, Elle, Indian Express, Financial Chronicle, and Vogue.

One with a gorgeous body, we can’t help but wonder how she attains such figure. Now what are Feroze’s fitness secrets? “Physically, I weigh much the same since I was 15 more or less and that’s primarily because I love sports,” said Feroze. “I look forward to go diving, skiing, swimming, golfing and pistol shooting apart from any other things that I can get a chance to pursue. Yet there’s a strict disciplinarian approach to my life. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or eat much red meat. I’m a big ‘fish’ fan but I make an effort to not eat much of tuna as there is already excessive killing of tuna happening around the world. To keep my pace of work and life fairly constant, I do the Ashtanga Yoga.”

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