Daniel Radcliffe Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Daniel Radcliffe-CelebHealthy_comEnglish actor and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was born in West London, England on 23 July 1989 to Marcia Jeannine Gresham and Alan George Radcliffe. Although his parents were a bit hesitant to let their talented son to play the role of Harry Potter, having to meet Chris Columbus gave the young Daniel to audition. And because his character was just so perfect for the role, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, turnout to be a smash hit and its success continued for more than a decade.

In order to maintain a lean and good physique, the 5’ 6” English actor incorporates a healthy balanced diet in his daily routine which is composed of fresh fruits, lean meats, salads and dairy as well. He also says no to junk foods and processed foods. Furthermore, the Harry Potter star also controls his consumption of foods which are high in calories like pizza and bread because this is one of the major causes for gaining weight.

According to sources, Daniel idolizes Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and wants to have a body built same as his. To achieve such look, he follows the soccer player’s workout routine which is mainly composed of sit ups, crunches, body weight exercises and gym work as well.

Body Measurement (2014– Age 25):

Height: 168cm | 5feet, 6 Inch
Weight: 53 kg | 117 lbs
Chest:  97cm | 38in
Bicep: 40.64cm|  16in
Waist: 76.2cm | 30 in