Coco Crisp Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size

Coco Crisp - CelebHealthy_comAmerican professional baseball center fielder Covelli Loyce Crisp, famously known as Coco Crisp, was born on November 1, 1979 in Los Angeles, California to parents Loyce Crisp and Pamela Crisp. His career in baseball officially started in 1999 when he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals during the seventh round of the MLB Draft. From then on, he was able to play four various leagues for the Cardinals until 2001. In 2002, he started to play for the Cleveland Indians when he replaced Matt Lawton who was injured during that time. Around 2006, he played for the Boston Red Sox and replaced Johnny Damon who transferred to New York Yankees. Two years later, he was traded to Kansas City Royals. Presently, he plays for the Oakland Athletics.

During Coco’s interview with Askmen, he shared that he and his team mates usually does his training that consists running and weight lifting. “The lifting was based around air pressure machines,” he said. “A lot of times we’d have to pump out as many reps as we could in a set amount of time, usually around 30s, in powerful diagonal chopping and lifting patterns, focusing on keeping the core tight throughout. As you get stronger, you push the resistance up, and by the end of the off-season, you’ve gotten a lot stronger. We also did some movements like push-ups on a vibration platform for longer intervals, closer to a minute.”

When asked about his diet, he said, “Because my metabolism is so fast, I can pretty much eat what I want. Although, I am getting a little older now and kind of have to start watching what I eat. For most people, they kind of go hand in hand. Luckily for me, I don’t really have to worry about what I eat too much.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 34)

Height: 177 cm | 5 feet, 10 Inches
Weight: 84 kg | 185 lbs
Chest: (not known)
Bicep: (not known)
Waist: (not known)