Charles Barkley Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Charles Barkley - CelebHealthy_comCharles Wade Barkley is a retired American professional basketball player. He was born on February 20, 1963 in Leeds, Alabama. A student of Leeds High School, he did not make it to the varsity but he was named as a reserve during that time. When he attended at Auburn University  in college, he played collegiate basketball for about three years. It was in the year 1984 when he was drafted in the NBA. The fifth pick overall in rank, the Philadelphia 76ers chosen him to play for the team. In 1992, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns and played for the team for one year. He then transferred to the Houston Rockets in the year 1996. All throughout his career, he was considered as one of the most skilled NBA players of all time.

So what’s his fitness regimen? According to Charles, he undergoes training. He said, “When you play sports, everything hurts all the time. But after losing the first 20 pounds, I noticed that things got better. I love working out on the elliptical because it’s easy on my joints and I can read while I’m doing it. I do CrossFit too—I wouldn’t say I love it, but it’s just a terrific workout, flipping those big tires around. I have more energy now, and it’s exciting to see the definition in my muscles coming back.”

When it comes to his diet, he explained, “I’m still eating the food I love. I still love my fried chicken. I just don’t order it every time I eat out, which is a lot. I’m much better about eating good stuff all through the day too. I eat breakfast now, which is new for me. And at night, when I’m at the TNT studios, I take in my popcorn, my jerky, and my packs of pickles and olives instead of getting into the barbecue chips. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, because I’m never hungry.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 51)

Height: 198 cm | 6 feet, 6 Inches
Weight: 114 kg | 252 lbs
Chest: (not known)
Bicep: (not known)
Waist: (not known)