Alicia Minshew Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

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Alicia Minshew was raised Plantation, Florida, U.S. on May 28, 1974 by her parents Jim and Lenore who is of Italian descent along with her three sisters. Aspiring to become an actress, Alicia started her move towards her career path after graduating from South Fork High School in Stuart, Florida.

Before she had her daughter, Minshew shares that she did a couple of exercise regimens such as weights and the elliptical with the help of a trainer. She did different weight routines and lots of push-ups, sit-ups and bands. For Minshew, she believed that it was through strength training that she is able to keep the muscles in her body because ever since, she has really been a skinny kid. That is why she wanted to focus on gaining muscles.

Each of her session lasted for almost an hour wherein she tries to maximize every minute of it exercising and if she doesn’t feel like hitting the gym to workout, she does it at home rather. Although Minshew was a little underweight in the start of her pregnancy, she starting eating healthy and good foods for her baby and so she bore her child at about five pounds, two ounces. “My whole family was always petite babies.” she happily shares.