Alex O’Loughlin Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Alex O'Loughlin - CelebHealthy_comAustralian actor Alex O’Loughlin was born on August 24, 1976 in Canberra, Australia. He is of Irish and Scottish ancestry. As a teenager, he was already seen portraying several roles in short films as well as in stage plays. He was also once an extra model of certain commercials. He started acting in films and TV programs after he graduated in NIDA. Such films and TV series include White Collar Blue, Oyster Farmer, Love Bytes, and Black Jack: Sweet Science. In 2009, he pulled an attention when he appeared in the TV series Criminal Minds. Since then, he gained several acting roles that led him to fame. His current appearance is in the worldwide TV hit police procedural drama series Hawaii Five-0 wherein he portrays the role LCDR Steve McGarrett.

Now, how does he come up with an insanely fit and toned physique and appear physically strong in his action-packed TV series? According to the actor in one of his interviews, he’s already active during his younger years. “In my early 20s, I did a lot of weights. I was huge — closer to 90kg,” he explains. Aside from that, he is also known to be a great surfer. He shares, “Surfing is my great passion in Hawaii. I have a bunch of boards.”

When asked about any particular diet that he practices, he says he just simply eats foods with reasonable amount of carbs and protein. “For lunch I’d have a chicken, a loaf of bread, two litres of milk and a bag of chocolate biscuits,” says Alex. Now we all know how he got that chiseled physique. His active lifestyle is indeed a great factor on what he’s gaining now.

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 37)

Height: 188 cm | 6 feet, 2 Inches
Weight: 79 kg | 174 lbs
Chest: 107 cm | 42 in
Bicep: 41 cm | 16 in
Waist: 76 cm | 30 in