Whitney Lauritsen Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Whitney Lauritsen - CelebHealthy_comWhitney Lauritsen is a journalist, environmentalist, and vegan. She is famous for her website www.ecovegangal.com which aims to promote and encourage the people to make changes for a healthy living. Via video, writing, and photography, she’s able to share her thoughts on how to be healthy and how to do good to your body as well as to the earth.

A vegetarian herself, she said in an interview when and how she started to become a vegan. According to her, “I went vegetarian in 2003 because I was inspired by a friend, then 6 months later, after doing lots of research and experiencing all the joy of giving up meat, I went vegan. My preliminary motivation was centered around health, and over the years I fell in love with the lifestyle due to how good I felt, emotionally, physically.”

She also has some advice to the people who want to become vegan. “Reduce package products, eat more whole foods and keep it basic. Buy fresh produce and ingredients in bulk.  Take the time to make food and enjoy the process. Find some great recipe books with clean meals and follow them for a few weeks to keep you on track and ensure that you eat a variety of dishes so you don’t get bored. Keep track of healthy options at local restaurants so you know what to order when you have the desire to eat out. And most importantly, don’t feel guilty if you decide to have an unhealthy treat – treats are important when enjoyed on occasion. In the end, it’s all about progress not perfection.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age not known)

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