Tyler Posey Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Tyler Posey - CelebHealthy_comTyler Garcia Posey, simply known as Tyler Posey, is an American actor and musician born on October 18, 1991 in Santa Monica, California, USA. He was first seen on screen in the year 2002 when he played the role Mauro in the action film Collateral Damage followed by his appearance in Maid in Manhattan as Ty Ventura. Soon after, he achived his career breakthrough when he was chosen as the one who will play the role Derek Hale in the TV series Teen Wolf. In 2012, he got another prominent appearance on big screen when he was starred in the movie White Frog.


In Teen Wolf, we’ve seen Tyler exposing more of his body–especially his chiseled chest and trunks. And we can’t help but wonder how he was able to build such a Greek God body. According to the actor, he undergoes workout trainings to come up with muscles and abs. The one he particularly resorts is Nautilus curl machine which is quite effective in emphasizing his biceps and triceps.

Not only that. The actor also practices a strict nutritional diet by which he consumes foods loaded with protein such as meat, eggs, dairy products, and protein bar. Vegetables, fruits, and oatmeals are also part of his meal.

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 22)

Height: 178 cm | 5 feet, 10 Inches
Weight: 72 kg | 158 lbs
Chest: 107 cm| 42 in
Bicep: 38 cm | 15 in
Waist: 76 cm | 30 in