Tomas Mikuzis Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size

Tomas Mikuzis - celebhealthy_comTomas Mikuzis is a Chicago born Lithuanian fitness expert. He presently lives in New York City. All throughout his career as a fitness trainer, he is known to be working in the United States locations, specifically Chicago, Miami, and New York City.

When asked in an interview about his particular fitness routine, Tomas answered, “It really varies. Some do SLT, Physique 57, yoga… the best compliment for our classes is yoga 100%. I do yoga and Pilates. I tend to be more personal training-driven because that was my background before I started teaching. I actually still do personal training – I only have 3 clients now because I’m spread so thin. I go to their homes.”

Now what’s his diet like? “In the morning, I don’t like to eat before class but I do like coffee with soy milk,” he said. “So, I’ll just have my coffee, teach my 2 classes back to back and then immediately grab a green juice or a protein shake with oatmeal in it and banana and peanut butter so that I can have more fuel for the rest of my day, because I do teach on average four classes a day. Then, I’ll teach another class, and then be strictly with juice afterwards. I’ll have a green juice and protein smoothie and coconut water or watermelon water to hydrate.”

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