Taylor Kitsch Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size.

Taylor Kitsch-Celebhealthy_comCanadian actor and model, Taylor Kitsch, was born on April 8, 1981 in Kelowna, British Columbia.  In the year 2002, he moved to New York and grabbed the opportunity to work with IMG as a model, and at the same time, studied acting as well.  He also became a personal trainer and nutritionist during that time.   In 2004, he modeled for Diesel and Abercrombie & Fitch, and relocated to Los Angeles. In 2006, he had his film début “Jon Tucker Must Die”, where he portrayed the role of Justin.  Following it was “Snakes on a Plane” and “The Covenant”, in that same year.  In 2009, he starred as Gambit in “X-Men Origins:  Wolverine” and made a big leap as John carter in 2012.  He’s also one of the casts of “Battleship”, where he played the role of Lt. Alex Hopper.  In 2013, he was the team leader and spotter of SEAL Team 10 in “Lone Survivor”.  Aside from movies, he also appeared in television shows, including “Friday Night Lights”, where he starred as Tim Riggins.

Being a nutritionist and personal trainer, he does train himself.  He successfully earned his certificate in Kinesiology.  When asked during one of his interviews whether he trains when he’s on his own, Taylor said, “Day-to-day it’s just maintenance. When I’m busy I’ll try to work out in the morning, just fit what I can in. I keep it high-intensity with training and weights – no rest…”  He also added, “I try to do it hard and fast. Right now I’ve changed it all, I’m doing a lot of bodyweight stuff. But a lot of what your body looks like comes down to what you eat when you can’t work out as much as you’d like.”   He also admits that he does stays in shape year-round.

Taylor’s diet is usually composed of lean proteins; sufficient amount of carbohydrates during breakfast and reducing its number during lunch and dinner; and vegetables.  He also stays away from sugar and flour.  He also emphasizes the need for balance.  “There are times when you simply can’t get to the gym as much as you’d like…but as long as you’re eating right 85 to 90 percent of the time, you’ll be fine”, Taylor stated.


Body Measurements (2014 – Age 33):

Height:  180 cm | 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 80 kg | 176 lbs

Chest:  112 cm| 44 inches

Bicep: 46 cm | 18 inches

Waist: 81 cm | 32 inches