Serena Williams Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Serena Williams - CelebHealthy_comSerena Jameka Williams, famously known as Serena Williams, is an American professional tennis player born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. She started playing tennis at the age of four. Growing up with such adept skills, her family moved to West Palm Beach when she was 9 so she can join Rick Macci’s tennis academy. When she turned 14, she had her first taste of tennis competition when she joined the WTA Tour International tennis tournament. Currently, she is the rank 1 in women’s single tennis.

When asked how Serena maintains her lean and athletic body, she says she usually resorts to her Core Power workout which is all about using a stability ball and resistance bands to boost and improve her overall core strength. This kind of workout proves to create a lean and strong physique as Serena is obviously having it at the moment. “The drills featured in the Core Power workout are based on key exercises I do regularly to stay strong. Everything I do on court begins with strength from the core, so it’s the perfect foundation for my training as a tennis player,” she says in one of her interviews.

And when asked about what she eats whenever she’s preparing for her competitions, Serena says, “Truthfully, I don’t eat a lot before my matches. I can’t eat because I get too nervous. I’ll force myself to really carb up the night before, especially later on in the tournament, because I know I wont be able to eat in the morning. But carbing-up doesn’t mean pasta—I’m more into brown rice or sprouted quinoa.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 32)

Height: 175 cm | 5 feet, 9 Inches
Weight: 70 kg | 155 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 14D | 36D
Waist Size: 71 cm |28 in
Hip Size: 112 cm | 44 in