Ryan Kwanten Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps and Waist Size

Ryan Kwanten - CelebHealthy_comAustralian actor Ryan Kwanten was born on November 28, 1976 in Sydney, Australia to parents Kris Kwanten and Eddie Kwanten. He started to be noticed in show business when he began acting on TV programs. From 1993 to 1994, he starred on the series G.P. by which he acted as Scott Browning. He also had regular appearances on Home and Away from 1997 to 1992 and also became prominent for playing the role Jay Robertson on Summerland from 2004 to 2005. From 2008 to 2014, he also starred on True Blood, acting as Jason Stackhouse.

According to this Aussie hottie, one of the exercises that make his body really well-developed and fit is running. He actually runs 7,000 miles of blacktop. “It takes the tedium out of running,” he told Men’s Health. “You gain balance and coordination. No two steps are the same.”

As for his diet, he said he avoids alcohol and drinks water and protein or vegetables shakes instead. “It’s boring, but it’s not a crash diet,” he said. “I’m still eating the same amount of food, and I only have to keep it up for a few days.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 38)

Height: 177 cm | 5 feet, 10 Inches
Weight: 82 kg | 180 lbs
Chest: (not known)
Bicep: (not known)
Waist: (not known)