Ryan Guzman Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size.

Ryan Guzman-Celebhealthy_comThis gorgeous American actor and model was born on September 21, 1987 in Abilene, Texas, and moved to Sacramento, California at a young age.  Ryan Anthony Guzman portrayed the role of Sean Asa in 2012 American 3D dance film “Step Up Revolution”, along with Kathryn McCormick.  He also starred in 2013 “A Ladies’ Man:  A Made Movie” as Brett; 2014 “Step Up All In”; and for 2015 “The Boy Next Door” as Noah.  In 2009, he modeled for Calvin Klein underwear and starting 2013 up to the present, he portrays the role of Jake in “Pretty Little Liars”.

His workout for his Step Up movie was indeed a big help to achieve his current physique.  He said, “Actually, I didn’t really hit the gym all that hard. The dancing was the workout for the movie. If you try to do choreography for nine hours during the day, you’re going to be sweating like crazy; you’re going to be using muscles you never knew you had. I didn’t do weightlifting I did every now and then if they wanted the abs to be a little more defined or if they wanted my arms to be a little bit more defined. But yeah, the work was definitely just dancing whether it was contemporary or hip-hop, where you’re flexing while you’re dancing.”

Ryan did not follow any type of special diet.  He simply fills his stomach with home-cooked foods and as much as possible, avoids junk foods, though he still munch some on occasionally.


Body Measurements (2014 – Age 27):

Height:  185 cm | 6 feet, 1 inches

Weight: 61 kg | 134 lbs

Chest:   102 cm| 40 inches

Bicep:  36 cm | 14 inches

Waist:  76 cm | 30 inches