Russell Crowe Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size.

Russell Crowe-Celebhealthy_comActor, film producer, and musician Russell Ira Crowe, was born on April 7, 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand. He is best known for his roles as Maximus Decimus Meridius and John Nash in “Gladiator” (2000) and “A Beautiful Mind” (2001).  Both performances won him Academy Award for Best Actor and BAFTA Award for Best Actor in Leading Role.  Throughout his career, he earned numerous recognitions, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Some of his films include “Prisoners of the Sun” (1990); “The Insider” (1999); “Cinderella Man” (2005); and “American Gangster” (2007).  He portrayed the roles of Ed Hoffman in “Body of Lies” (2008); Robin Longstride in “Robin Hood” (2010); and Inspector Javert in “Les Misérables” (2012).  In the year 2014, he starred in the films “Winter’s Tale”, together with Collin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Jennifer Connelly, and “Noah” alongside Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, and Logan Lerman.

Aside from acting, Crowe is also a music lover and philanthropist.  He is also a huge supporter of the South Sydney Rabbitons rugby league football team since childhood.

He achieved his lean muscles through long distance cycling, intense boxing workouts, including fighting drills and weights exercises.

Sticking with his strict diet plan, Crowe made it possible to achieve his goal of getting back the Gladiator shape.  He adapts a gluten-free diet and takes in small meals every day. In one of his tweets he said, “Aim to be taking in roughly 2400 cal/ 2600 cal including all beverages”.

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 50)

Height: 155 cm | 5 feet, 10 Inches
Weight: 89 kg | 196 lbs
Chest: 147 cm| 58 in
Bicep: 43 cm | 17 in
Waist: 86 cm | 34 in