Russell Brand Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size

Russell Brand - CelebHealthy_comEnglish comedy icon, actor, radio host, and author Russell Edward Brand was born on June 4, 1975 Grays, Essex, England to parents Ronald Henry Brand and Barbara Elizabeth Nichols. At 15, he started to expose himself in theaters. His first stage appearance was in the school production of Bugsy Malone. Later on while growing up, he became more fascinated in acting and eventually auditioned and worked as a movie extra. He was able to land his first ever role on screen in 1994 in the British police procedural television series The Bill. His first appearance was an impression which was why he gained series of roles from time to time. Not only did he perform acting. He also hosted several Hollywood and musical events like the MTV Video Music Awards. He also successfully earned several awards such as Best Television Performer in a Non-Acting Role and British Comedy Awards – Outstanding Contribution to Comedy.

To stay fit and healthy, Russell indulges in Yoga classes. This form of workout is a great meditation. It keeps your bones healthy and even gives you a relieving and refreshing effect. Apart from Yoga, he also practices Krav Maga, a type of self-defense and physical training that encourages reflexive responses.

For his diet, he practices vegetarian diet. He, in fact, is already a vegan since he was 14.

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 38)

Height: 185 cm | 6 feet, 1 Inch
Weight: 74 kg | 163 lbs
Chest: 109 cm| 43 in
Bicep: 36 cm | 14 in
Waist: 83 cm | 33 in