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Ramona Braganza is a personal trainer from Los Angeles, California. She has a U.C.L.A. personal trainer certification. She is mostly known for being the celebrity trainer of several actors and actresses in Hollywood.

As a trainer, Ramona helps celebrities look sexy and good all the time. How does she manage it? Here’s what she shared in one of her interviews: “It is a lot of hard work. I have been around them when they have had to lose weight post pregnancy, or get in shape for a role, and in between all that they struggle with the same things we all do. So there is hard work and a good plan – a diet plan and an exercise plan, are both crucial to success because to me they are both 50-50.”

She added that a balanced diet is also really crucial in maintaining or losing weight. “There are a few basic things that we all must remember when we want to lose weight, cut down on sodium (salt), try to include some proteins into your meals to build muscle and drink lots of water,” she said. “As for exercise I would say do something every day. Whichever form of exercise you choose is fine, but make it a habit. There are tools that you can use like heart rate monitors and calorie counting applications that can help you can measure how hard you are exerting yourself. Include all these things into your daily life, and see it work. I practice all these things with my clients and it helps them get good results. But remember weight loss is gradual and cannot be achieved overnight or in a few days. It may look like its fast with the stars, but they have a plan spread over a couple of months and that’s how we achieve their goals.

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