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Nicole Winhoffer is a fitness trainer. She is known as an expert who combines the art of inner expression and fitness. She is most recognized for being the fitness trainer of famous singer Madonna.

In an interview with Shape, Nicole explained how she stays fit at all times. She said, “I’ve learned that making time for myself is key: rest, massage, and staying inspired. When my body is recharged, I perform my best! When I work out with my clients, I complete each of the exercises and reps with them, as it is imperative I stay in tune with their body. I train with two to four clients every week day, and I try to take Saturdays off. I’ll go to yoga, ballet class, or work in the studio with my friends. We choreograph together and test new concepts and ideas.”

For her diet, she said, “I stay away from fried foods. I listen to my body and see what it craves. If I’m craving a lot of sugar/carbohydrates, it usually means that I need rest—my body is craving the glucose for energy. I love tofu, vegetables, and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice.”

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