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Mica Paris is an English soul singer, presenter on radio and television, and occasional actress. She was born on April 27, 1969 in South London, London, United Kingdom. In 1988, she became famous when she was able to release her first ever album called So Good. Soon after, her successful career followed her when she was able to release more albums. She continues to be prominent these days.

Mica is nowadays sexy and confident. According to her in an interview, she used to be insecrue when it comes to her body. She explained, “The only time I worried about my weight was in my 20s. When I was signed up with a record label at 17, I was thin. Suddenly at 21 I put on half a stone and the record company called me in and said, ‘You look like two people in one body.’ I just stopped eating. I yo-yoed for nine years– getting skinny for the album covers then putting it back on in between. I was unhappy, nervous, edgy: when you don’t eat you want to knock people out. By 30 I thought, I’ve got to stop. It took years to get confident.”

Now what’s her diet? “I don’t diet,” she confirmed. “I eat really well: lots of fish, broccoli and salad. I like good food. I only eat protein, veg and salads, no carbs– bread, pasta, rice, potatoes– they make me want to sleep. I gave up carbs seven years ago. I drink, but not wine. I drink vodka, but I don’t kill it. I can have two and I’m like ‘Hey baby, yeah!’ but the next morning I can work.”

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