Mac Danzig Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size

Mac Danzig - celebhealthy_comMac Danzig is a retired American mixed martial artist. He was born on the 2nd of January 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Known to be of German and Scots-Irish descent, he started to earn prominence when he became a contestant of The Ultimate Fighter 6 wherein he defeated Joe Scarola in a preliminary fight as well as John Kolosci to make it to the semifinals.

Mac is known to follow a plat-based diet. According to him, there came a point in his life when he wanted to change his eating habits. “When I was 16, I cut out beef and pork,” said Mac. “I just got to the point where I wanted to minimize my intake of animal products. I knew about factory farming and the theories that meat wasn’t safe, but I subscribed to the theory that if you were doing something athletic, you needed to have protein, so I kept eating chicken and fish. But then in 2004, I got to the point where I was sick of eating chicken. It started grossing me out for some reason. I was about a month out from a fight and I decided I was going to cut out all meat. I was working with a trainer who was vegan and he helped me make the switch. I won that fight and went on a 12-fight winning streak. And [not eating meat] made it really easy to cut weight for that fight.”

He specifically said, “I do eat more vegetables more as I get closer to a fight because I need to feel my best. The rest of the time, I still eat them but I eat more grains, tofu, and fruit. Around a fight, I start eating more whole foods and vegetables, but as far as taste goes, it’s a bit of a sacrifice

Body Measurement (2017 – Age 37)

Height: 173 cm | 5 feet, 8 Inches
Weight: 70 kg | 156 lbs
Chest: (not known)
Bicep: (not known)
Waist: (not known)