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Leigh Gallagher - celebhealthy_comLeigh Gallagher is an Assistant Managing Editor at Fortune magazine where she edits feature stories on different subjects and oversees Fortune franchises including the magazine’s 40 Under 40 rankings. She also writes “The Urbanist” column on Fortune.com. Apart from that, she is also a co-chair of the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Prior to joining Fortune in the year 2007, she worked as a senior editor at SmartMoney magazine and a reporter and writer for Forbes.

According to Leigh in one of her interviews, Yoga and running are basically two of the things that consist her workout regimen. “My two core practices are running and Yoga, but every now and then I’ll mix something else in,” she said. “A few years ago I did a triathlon, and it was super fun to bounce around so much during training. I’m also a fan of Physique 57 classes. I always see a difference in my strength after just five classes—and that carries over to running, yoga, leaning under my desk to pick up a pencil— everything. I’m a morning workout person. When I was in my 20s, I never thought I would ever say that, but it’s the best time of day for me now. Every now and then I leave my apartment so early that the club kids in my neighborhood are still out from the night before, which always makes for an amusing contrast. I usually leave yoga for the weekends when I have more time, but every now and then I’ll take a night class— Shavasana just before bedtime is a wonderful thing.”

She added, “I recently finished a book and I’m sad to say the exercise was sacrificed during the very last stage of the process. Letting that happen was a mistake, and one I don’t plan to repeat. I’m back on the train now, and more mindful than ever that exercise doesn’t take time, it adds time, even during the busiest weeks, because it gives you so much more energy for everything else. And for me, running and yoga are as good for the mind as they are for the body— I find running in particular to be almost meditative.”

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