Lazar Angelov Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size


Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian bodybuilder. He was born on September 22, 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He first played basketball for about 10 years before he delved into bodybuilding. In the year 2006, he started to become passionate about bodybuilding and began to work as a personal trainer.

Lazar has always been physically active and athletic. He said in one of his interviews, “I was a basketball player when I was younger. I had two basketball workouts a day and a weight workout in-between. I didn’t eat regularly because I had no clear idea on how to structure my diet. A couple of times I basically passed out because I was too tired and I didn’t recover properly. As an ectomorph I was naturally pretty lean and I also did a lot of aerobic exercises during the day, so I couldn’t gain muscle mass back then. After I stopped playing professional basketball I spent a year in the army. I got out of shape and it was very hard for me to decide in which direction I should go with my life. Since fitness was my second passion behind basketball, I decided to put all my effort into it and that was the turning point for me.”

What keeps him motivated? “My motivation comes from my fans, who support me all the time and my clients, who I helped transform their lifestyle and bodies,” he said.

Body Measurement (2016 – Age 32)

Height: 180 cm | 5 feet, 11 Inches
Weight: 91 kg | 200 lbs
Chest: 127 cm | 50 in
Bicep: 46 cm | 18 in
Waist: (not known)