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Krista Scott-Dixon is an author and a fitness expert. Born in the year 1973, she attended school at York University. She was able to publish books such as Doing IT: Women Working In Information Technology (Women’s Issues Publishing Program) and Critical To Care: The Invisible Women in Health Services.

When asked about how her perspective on nutrition and exercise changed over the years, she said in an interview, “I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since I started. Every year I think, ‘That’s it. I can’t possibly know more or do better.’ But, of course, that’s ridiculous. There is always more to know. I can always improve. I’m really oriented towards lifelong wellness and disease prevention as my primary goal. I like athletic performance (who doesn’t?), but ultimately for me this whole project is about staving off an atrocious genetic destiny. (Thanks, mom and dad, for nuthin!) A big turning point for me years ago was visiting my dad in the cardiac ICU after his two heart attacks. I decided that I never, ever wanted to see the inside of a cardiac ICU again.”

She added, “Ten years ago I was much more into bodybuilding-style eating. Now I feel that many folks in the fitness and nutrition world are focused on things like “nutrients” or “glycemic index” without really understanding the foundational principles of wellness.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 43)

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