Jennifer Nicole Lee Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Jennifer Nicole Lee - CelebHealthy_comJennifer Nicole Lee was born Jennifer Nicole Siciliano on June 13, 1975 in Rochester, New York to Italian parents. She graduated from University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a Bachelor’s degree in international relations. It was in the year 1996 when she joined the “Miss Bikini America” and earned attention when she won it. Soon after that exposure, she pursued a career in the world of fitness and aimed to become a fitness guru. In 2006, she became even more noticeable for being the Muscle & Fitness Magazine’s “Ms. Muscle and Fitness”. Eventually, she became an endorser of Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition or BSN. In March 2011, she had her own fitness business built in Florida which is called Fitness Model Factory. The said business features photography, videography studios, hair and makeup styling, and fitness guidance for models.

As a fitness guru, she knows exactly a thing or two about how to keep and maintain her toned and strong body. However, she always makes it a point to never overindulge. She said in an interview, “There’s a number one thing that I always say never do, which is over-train because you get yourself in a rut. You get frustrated and you’re not getting results because you’re over-training. I train no more than four– at most five– times in a week, and it’s no more than an hour at a time.”

Any diet secret from her? Well, she said getting rid of foods high in sugar really helps prevent weight gain. She explained, “We are overmarketed for sugar and that is the number one way to gain weight. It’s why we’re all mostly overweight. One way to get over the sugar addiction is just do not eat processed sugar. And you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms, however, if they’re very severe, you can get your sugar-fix with fresh fruit, fresh-squeezed fruit juice or even with sugar-free yogurt or something that has a little bit of a sweetness to it. But you’re not going to give into the refined sugar.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 39)

Height: 175 cm | 5 feet, 9 Inches
Weight: 57 kg | 126 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 14D | 36D
Waist Size: 64 cm | 25 in
Hip Size: 91 cm | 36 in