Ita Buttrose Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Ita Buttrose - celebhealthy_comIta Clare Buttrose AO OBE is an Australian journalist, businesswoman, television personality, and author. She was born on January 17, 1942 in Potts Point, Australia. Known as the founding editor of monthly women’s magazine Cleo, she is also the editor of the more conventional Australian Women’s Weekly. Other than that, she is also known as the youngest person to ever be appointed editor of the Weekly. Since 2013, she has been a panelist on the Network Ten morning program Studio 10.

Ita is a health and fitness enthusiast. In fact, she has published a book called “Get in Shape: A complete workout for strength, health & vitality”, a book she particularly co-wrote with Lee Campbell. The book teaches everyone to make it a habit to always exercise. It also describes exercises that can be done either indoors and outdoors as well as full-body water and gym workouts.

When it comes to diet, she shared, “I really believe in breakfast. I start the day with a piece of fruit before I exercise and after that I’ll have something like mushrooms or scrambled eggs and grilled tomato on toast. So many people skip breakfast, but it’s really vital to keep your energy up and your metabolism going. I walk for at least an hour every morning and I go to the gym some days as well. If I am away from home, I have a routine I can do in my hotel room.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 73)

Height: (not known)
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Bra/Bust Size: (not known)
Waist Size: (not known)
Hip Size: (not known)