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Erin McPherson - celebhealthy_comErin McPherson is the person behind the video business for the Yahoo Media Network, a network that comprises of the U.S. consumer-facing media sites on such as news, sports, finance, the entertainment sites, and Yahoo’s new video destination– Yahoo Screen. She is the one responsible for overseeing both licensed video and the development, production, and distribution of original video content across the network. During the last six years she spent at Yahoo, she also oversaw the business development and partnerships team for the Yahoo Media Network.

What is Erin’s workout regimen? In one of her interviews, she shared, “My workout schedule has to be flexible and adapt to my workweek. I am more likely to exercise in a group setting, so I find classes I love and that helps motivate me. I am a regular at The Bar Method. It can be challenging, but I try to fit in at least three workouts a week. Whenever possible, I exercise in the morning, because no matter what else happens that day, you have at least accomplished that! My other trick is to always fit some activity in on the weekend, even if it means incorporating it into other plans.”

She added, “For example, I’ll meet a friend for a walk or hike instead of brunch, or I’ll try to park in one spot and walk to many of my errands. Another fun thing is to turn work travel into an opportunity to try new local fitness classes. I try to carve out time to get to Bar Method or to a local yoga or dance class whenever possible. And if all else fails, I have the Bar Method DVDs to have a mini-class in my hotel room. I try to live by the mantra that when it comes to working out, something is always better than nothing!”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age not known)

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