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Danny Musico is one of the top celebrity trainers in Hollywood. He is known as a former Olympic team captain. He is also known as a Former World Super Middleweight Champion. Apart from that, he also wrote the NASM Approved Boxing Specialty Course.

When asked about the importance of diet in an interview, Danny said, “It’s ninety-five percent of everything. I give my clients the same speech every time that they start with me. I’ll give you the best one-hour session that I can possibly give you, but there’s twenty-four hours in a day. What you do when you leave me, the next twenty-three hours, I can’t control. So if you come to me and we have the greatest workout, and you burn two thousand calories in that hour, but then you decide to leave and go eat a gallon of ice cream or a pizza, don’t blame the workout. You have to police yourself around a strict diet, everything in moderation, and you have your cheat days. If you’re sticking five to six days a week and want to go have a cheat meal on the seventh day, it really shouldn’t affect anything that we’re doing.”

Now what is his workout like? “My workout depends on what their fitness level is and whatever injuries they have, so it’s always important to know your client inside and out,” he explained. “You have to know their weak spots just as much as their strong spots.”

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