Damian Lillard Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size

Damian Lillard - celebhealthy_comDamian Lamonte Ollie Lillard is an American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. He was born on July 15, 1990 in Oakland, California, United States. A graduate of Weber State University, it was in the year 2012 when he earned third-team All-American honors. He presently earns more and more success in the sports industry these days.

How is he doing physically these days? “Physically, I feel great,” the basketballer said in an interview. “When I first started back working out, my legs were getting tired quick and I felt I was breathing heavy. Now I’m to the point where I can run. I can just go. I get tired, I breath hard, but I can still play while I’m like that.”

For his diet, “As far as my diet, I just been eating a lot more healthy food, things that, when I sit at the table, I’m not looking forward to eating. So I know that must be good for me. And I’ve felt it. When I wake up in the morning I feel better. I don’t feel as heavy, more lively and refreshed. I’m excited about that, that I can discipline myself to do that.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 26)

Height: 191 cm | 6 feet, 3 Inches
Weight: 87 kg | 192 lbs
Chest: (not known)
Bicep: (not known)
Waist: (not known)