Bae Suzy Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Bae Suzy - celebhealthy_comBae Su-ji, commonly known by her stage name Suzy, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was born on October 10, 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea. The daughter of Bae Wan-young and Jeong Hyun-sook, she first came into prominence when she was cast on the TV drama Dream High wherein she acted the role Go Hye-mi in the year 2011. The same year, she had a cameo appearance on Human Casino (Drama Special). In 2012, she was seen on the TV show Big wherein she portrayed the role Jang Ma-ri. She also appeared on Gu Family Book in the year 2013. Presently, she is preparing for her appearance on Carelessly Affectionate which will be aired in 2016.

Bae Suzy is a workout bunny. She does exercises everyday. According to her, she usually does the exercise called the”penguin” work where she usually moves her arms up and down like a walking penguin. She said this exercise may look easy, but to be honest, it gets exhausting and challenging while it lasts.

As for her diet, the actress said that she just sticks to healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies. She also  makes sure that she drinks plenthy of water for proper hydration.

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 20)

Height: 166 cm | 5 feet, 5.5 Inches
Weight: 49 kg | 108 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: (not known)
Waist Size: (not known)
Hip Size: (not known)