Alyssa Campanella Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Alyssa Campanella - CelebHealthy_comAlyssa Marie Campanella is an American actress, fashion model, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was born on March 21, 1990 in Manalapan, New Jersey, United States. Famous for being the titleholder of the Miss USA 2011 beauty pageant, she continues to shine in the limelight these days as an actress and a model.

When it comes to keeping her body sexy and fit all the time, here’s what she told Fitness Magazine, “I actually do a lot of core workouts without even realizing it. Even to pick myself up I do so with my core, and I attribute that to Pilates training. I’m not really a cardio fan; I’m more into muscle building. I do quick exercises when on the go. The trainer actually taught me this exercise called the frog, and it hurts but it definitely tones your legs. You basically squat like a frog and stand up, moving up and down. I thought it was easy, but by the sixth one I started crying ‘oh no, not 30!'”

For her diet, she said she doesn’t practice a strict one. According to her, “I actually don’t have a diet. If it’s present in front of me I eat it! I used to eat too much sugar, so I started adding fruits and veggies to my meal. I try to limit sugar and sweets, not to lose weight but to maintain it. Your body is a safe haven and you have to protect it. Bananas, I can eat them all day every day. I also drink this acai strawberry banana smoothie that’s full of antioxidants, which helps keep me full. It’s delicious on the go. The nutritionist also provides these fiber bar chocolate brownies that hold you over in between meals. My schedule is a bit crazy so I have to make sure there are snacks at the ready.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 25)

Height: 174 cm | 5 feet, 8.5 Inches
Weight: 54 kg | 119 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 12C | 3C
Waist Size: 64 cm | 25 in
Hip Size: 89 cm | 35 in