Aly Raisman Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Aly Raisman - CelebHealthy_comAlexandra Rose Raisman, better known as Aly Raisman, is an American artistic gymnast. She was born on May 25, 1994 in Needham, Massachusetts to Rick Raisman and Lynn Faber. Since her mother is a former gymnast, it is not surprisingly why Aly became enthusiastic about the hobby at a very tender age. It was in the year 2009 when she had her first competition, particularly joining the American Classic which was held in San Diego, California and finishing on the 10th place. The same year, she participated another competition which was held at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy. She was also able to join the Pacific Rim Championships which was held in Australia as well as in the Visa Championships in Hartford, Connecticut. From then on, she was seen competing and winning on various gymnastics competition including the Summer Olympics in London in 2012.

Aly is a very active person, and she usually stays fit by running on a regular basis. According to her in an interview, “If I finish a workout early, if I’m still at the gym I’ll run around the floor, or on the weekend I run outside. I love running outside because I love being outdoors. Especially living here in Boston, the winter is brutal, so in the summer I take advantage of being outside.”

And for her diet, here’s what she said: “I eat really, really healthy, and I always make sure I have a balance to have enough energy. If I’m going to eat a carb, it’s always whole wheat. I don’t really eat white bread or anything. If I’m going to have a little bit of pasta– that’s a bit more of a splurge for me––I’ll have whole wheat pasta. I love fish, I love chicken, and salmon and sushi are my favorite foods. I really enjoy eating healthy.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 20)

Height: 180 cm | 5 feet, 11 Inches
Weight: 52 kg | 115 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 8B | 30B
Waist Size: 58 cm | 23 in
Waist Size: 76 cm | 30 in