Allison Baver Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, and Hip Size

Allison Baver - celebhealthy_comAllison Baver is an American short track speed skater. Born to parents Dixie Baver and Brad Baver on August 11, 1980 in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States, she was educated at Pennsylvania State University. The third overall in the World Rankings during the 2005-2006 season, she finished seventh in the Women’s 500 m competition at the 2006 Winter Olympics. These days, she continues to be a remarkable sports person.

Now what are her exercises routine? Here’s what she shared in one of her interviews: “Single leg exercises are important for skating and something I do everyday. With dumb bells in your hand put one foot behind you on a bench for a single leg squat. Do that 50 times and 3 sets for a great leg exercise! If you have to break that down into reps of 25 that’s ok…but try and do 50 even if you have to use no weight. And do them a little past comfort zone. Not slow please!”

As for her diet, she said she doesn’t believe in it. According to her, “I don’t believe in dieting, but instead just live a healthy lifestyle with clean food and daily exercise. I believe in taking a daily vitamin regime and like using the brand, Shaklee, for vitamins and other Eco-friendly products. I also take green supplement drinks for energy one a day.”

Body Measurement (2014 – Age 35)

Height: 160 cm | 5 feet, 3 Inches
Weight: 58 kg | 128 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: (not known)
Waist Size: (not known)
Hip Size: (not known)