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Born in Toledo, Ohio on May 6, 1983, Adrianne Palicki was one of the students who played basketball and ran track during high school days.  This beautiful daughter of Nancy and Jeff Palicki was also a runner-up for homecomning queen.  Before making it to the spotlight, Adrianne worked at Togo’s restaurant, where she spent some time making sandwiches.  In the year 2003, her dream of pursuing a career in show business slowly came to reality.  She started with minor roles in independent films and on other drama series.  She appeared in some episodes of Smallville (2004), CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation (2004), as Miranda,  Supernatural (2005 – 2009) as Jessica Moore, Friday Night Lights (2006 – 2011), and played the role of Cat Thatcher in Lone Star (2010).   She also played the vililant part of Diana Prince in Wonder Woman. She successfully portrayed different roles in different films, including Legion (2010), where she embraced the role of Charlie, a pregnant waitress whose baby is the key to humanity’s salvation; Red Dawn (2012), where she played the role of Toni Walsh; and G.I. Joe retaliation as Lady Jade in the year 2013.  This 2014, Adrianne Palicki embraced the role of Vanessa Styles in Robert Rodriguez’s film, From Dusk till Dawn:  The Series, and Dr. Sam in the television show, About a Boy.

To keep her body in perfect shape, Adrianne trains 4 to 5 days per week and usually consumes 45 up to 75 minutes workout.  She starts her exercises with a warm up of 10 minutes jogging on treadmill.  She sees to it that the intensity of her exercise routine is kept high and the rest periods short, and often focuses on working from the core out.  Her exercises routines includesquat with push press, hip drive and swing, plank row, squat to row and squat jumps, shoulder complex, wood-chops, sumo dead-lift, triangle pose, walking lunges with glute kickback (10 each leg), and bur pees (without dumbbells).

Adrianne loves greens and takes in gluten-free meals.  She has a good grasp about the importance of proteins, fats, and carbs, and other macro nutrients, as well as her body’s daily needs of each.

Body Measurements (2013 – Age 29):

Height: 180 cm | 5 ft 9 inches

Weight: 59 kg | 130 pounds

Bust/Bra Size: 12B | 34B

Waist: 64 cm | 25 inches

Hip Size: 86 cm | 34 inches