Aaron Eckhart Health, Fitness, Height, Weight, Chest, Bicep, and Waist Size.

Aaron Eeckhart-Celebhealthy_comBorn March 12, 1968 in Cupertino, California, Aaron Edward Eckhart is an American film and stage actor.  At the age of 13, his father relocated their family to England and later moved to Sydney.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Brigham Young University in 1994.  When he met director and writer Neil LaBute, he started to appear in the director’s original plays, that later opened the door to more acting opportunities in the big screen.  He established a solid recognition for his performance as George in 2000’s Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed film, “Erin Brockovich”.  He also appeared in some episodes of the TV series “Frasier” in the year 2004.  He was nominated for various awards for his performances in 2006 “Thank You for Smoking” as Nick Naylor; and Harvey Dent/ Two-Face in 2008 “The Dark Knight”.  He also played the role of President Benjamin Asher in 2013 “Olympus Has Fallen” along with Gerard Butler, and 2014 “I, Frankenstein” as Adam Frankenstein.

Aaron keeps his body in best shape by cycling around the hillside roads, surfing the ocean, or playing at the tennis court.  “I see a gym in everything,” he said in an interview.  He wanted to make sure that despite the age, he is still in the best shape of his life.

To stay lean and fit, Aaron tries to stay away from processed foods. He takes in carbohydrates in its natural forms and that mainly includes fruits and vegetables, yams, whole grains, and brown rice. He is also fond of taking in proteins such as egg whites, lean chicken, and fish.  In addition to his diet are avocados, olives, and natural peanut butter.

Body Measurement (2014– Age 46):

Height: 183 cm | 6 feet, 0 in
Weight: 74.8 kg | 165 lbs
Chest:  106.6 cm | 42 in
Bicep: 38 cm| 15 in
Waist: 83.8 cm | 33 in